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What Every Educator and Supervisor Should Know
An Introduction to Christian Education.
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Student Convention Is the integral part of the school program
Critical thinking Skills Through Higher Order Thinking Skills
A school program With Tools And Procedures
The Extremes Of Parenting And Training A Child Early
Character Cannot Be Taught
The Learning Outcomes
Character Building Requires Time, Commitment and Discipline
The purpose of these Newsletters is to disseminate training material to educators, parents, teachers and pastors to help identify the issues facing Christian Education. These newsletters show how the program has been designed to provide the Biblical and character training for our children that the Lord has commanded in
Deuteronomy 6:4-9.



Please feel free to share these Newsletters with anyone interested in Christian Education.

May God pour out His Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that we will understand Christian Education, and thereby bless our next generation.

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