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Our Curriculum

Academic Excellence


Beacon Light program requires that students to gain mastery learning in order to develop their thinking skills. To achieve this, every student is to obtain a minimum score of 80% before moving on to the next level. It builds students thinking skills base on ‘line upon line, precepts upon precepts’, and in building a strong foundation, a student then develops his thinking skills. The curriculum has shown to be in line with Bloom’s Taxonomy, thereby helping student reach the higher order thinking skills.



Bloom's Taxonomy was primarily created for academic education, however it is relevant to all types of learning.  

Bloom believed that education should focus on 'mastery' of subjects and the promotion of higher forms of thinking, rather than a utilitarian approach to simply transferring facts. Bloom demonstrated that most teaching tended to be focused on fact-transfer and information recall - the lowest level of training - rather than true meaningful personal development, and this remains a central challenge for educators and trainers in modern times. (Source: Alan Chapman, UK)

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