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Berdasarkan keputusan BAN - PDM Nomor : 069 / BAN-PDM / SK / 2023

Tanggal : 02 Oktober 2023

Partnering with Parents to Build Lives

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Vision &

Beacon Light’s first mission is to bring children to know the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that education is about educating the whole child. Education is not what most knows it to be. It is not solemnly about academic. Instead, education is about teaching children to realize that they are spirituals beings and they are to grow in knowing Him.

Education is also about training the children’s character; their emotions, self control and discipline. Education is discovering the talents and gifts God has given to each child and developing them. It also includes in developing life skills. Finally, education is about developing children to think critically.

Our Curriculum

Beacon Light program builds students' critical thinking skills as well as non-academic skills.

The goal is to build the whole child.

Our Programmes

Boys' Brigade (BB) and Student Convention are two important part of our students' education.


Our videos show the wide variety of activities in our school. 


Our achievement on academic and competition level.

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Universities that have accepted our students

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